The most recommended pillow for neck support is the ChiroFlow pillow.  It is awaterbase pillow that suits those who want a thin pillow, medium or thick pillow. Simply use the funnel included to add the water, then slowly push the water chamber pocket to let the air out to eliminate air pockets.  Put the cap back on and test the thickness.  Need more? Need less?  It's up to your liking! This pillow can't be waded up to change the support throughout the night which is one of the reasons it's #1 recommended.  Two sizes available; traditional and the difficult to find travel size.

Biofreeze is one of those products where once you use it, you are hooked!! This topical pain reliever is similar to other muscle creams but with a bit more "oomph" and a lot more "ahhh".  Biofreeze is designed to be sold by doctors and hands-on health care professionals only so it is stronger than most over the counters when it comes to pain relieving.  And the great thing is.... it lasts longer!!  The FAQs on Biofreeze website is a very interesting read including this excerpt on how it works: 

 Biofreeze products are classified as topical analgesics, which work through a ‘counter irritant’ mechanism. This means that the menthol in Biofreeze creates a sensation that

overrides pain signals to the brain. This process is known as ‘Gate Control Theory’, where nerve impulses from one stimulus block the nerves containing pain signals to the

brain. Recent research also suggests that menthol may stimulate cold receptors in the skin that may help regulate pain as well.

Available for purchase in a clean and easy roll on applicator at our office!  We have all kinds of people in the Somerset area stopping in to get their Biofreeze- no appointment necessary and you're seconds away from convenient (albeit temporary) relief!

You've seen the Olympic Athletes with the brightly colored tape on their bodies.  No, its not war's performance tape!  Though there are many brands of this kinesiology tape that supports the muscles and encourages blood flow, we have found that ROCKTAPE performs better, doesn't roll up at the ends, and lasts longer (2-3 days!)!!  We have used this tape on patients who are involved in sports on a regular basis and on our patients who just want some support and functionality.  They've had great results with ROCKTAPE, as have competitive athletes!! Check out the short video below 

Tri-Core Pillow:

Regular adjustments work wonders for helping you achieve true restful sleep.  But often times, the very pillow you sleep on is un-doing the 

realignment Dr. Belcher has performed.  The Tri-Core brand has been a standard in the chiropractic industry and is one of the best orthopedic pillows on the market.  Unlike water pillows, this is light weight and has a unique trapezoid shape to accommodate both side and back sleepers.  No more messy fill ups or sloshing around at night, this pillow is filled with high resiliency fiberfill for long lasting comfort.